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Price Checkers and Interactive Kiosks

One of the most common solutions for the retail sector and product marketing applications is the installation of price verifiers in self-service stores, show rooms, boutiques and minisuper.

Price verifiers or interactive kiosks are a perfect ally to display information on sales products, but also as a product that helps companies to be proactive and take advantage of the potential of the information that their customers generate.

Micro Kiosk Zebra MK3000Product Promotion and Information Display

The screen of the micro kiosk devices or price verifiers has different sizes depending on the model, there are options with a small screen sufficient to show prices and descriptions while there are devices with a wide and elegant screen that are efficiently integrated into applications that require constant promoting your products, as well as playing videos, music or presentations.

Operating Systems and Web Navigation

The micro kiosks have Wndows CE, Windows Embedded or recently Android (Model CC5000) operating systems. This aids in standardized programming and application adoption. They are totally reliable for web browsing or using cloud software.

Zebra MK500, MK3000, MK4000 and CC5000 Series

The MK500, MK3000, MK4000 and CC5000 reader models meet high-performance scanning and connectivity features, as well as a minimum one-year warranty. They have extended warranty plans and maintenance contracts available from our corporate offices. You can view the prices and availability of the readers by giving click here..