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Terms & Conditions

legal notice

1. The intellectual property rights of the website www.adventech-logistica.com and all its sections including this online store hereinafter (The Website), and related to its source code, design, photographs, technical sheets, navigation structure, databases and the Different elements contained therein are the rights of Adventech Logística SA de CV, to whom corresponds the exclusive exercise of the exploitation services of the same in any way and, in particular, the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation. The Web page may contain codes and applications that have their respective use licenses, either private or as free use in GNU mode or General Public License. Similarly, the Web page may contain logos,
2. These general conditions regulate the access and use of the Web page that is made available to Internet users. Access to it implies its unreserved acceptance. The use of certain services offered on this site will also be governed by the particular conditions provided in each case, which will be understood as accepted by the mere use of such services.
3. The viewing, printing and partial downloading of the content of the web page is authorized only and exclusively if the following conditions are met: 1) That it is compatible and visible with the purposes of the web page. 2) That it be carried out with the sole purpose of obtaining the information contained for personal and private use. Its use for commercial purposes or for its distribution, public communication, transformation or decompilation is expressly prohibited. 3) That none of the content related to this web page be modified in any way.
4. Adventech Logística SA de CV reserves the right to make, at any time and without the need for prior notice, modifications and updates to the information contained on the website, its configuration and presentation, and the access conditions.
5. Adventech Logística SA de CV does not guarantee the absence of interruptions or errors in the access to the web page, in its content, nor that it is updated, although it will develop its best efforts to, where appropriate, avoid, correct or update them. .
6. Adventech Logística SA de CV does not assume any responsibility derived from the concession or contents of the links of third parties to which reference is made on the web, nor does it guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in them that may cause alterations in the computer system (hardware and software), documents or files of the user, excluding any responsibility for damages of any kind caused to the user for this reason, Adventech Logística SA de CV is released from any responsibility for failures or interruption of the page , as well as the information or publicity of third parties, viruses, alterations mentioned above.


About the prices shown

  • All prices shown in the virtual store are for prompt payment in US Dollars or its equivalent in Mexican Pesos plus 16% VAT subject to change without prior notice. When placing an order, the published prices of the products will be respected, except that there is some fault in our system, and this variation is not greater than 10% of the real price of the equipment. In this case, we will contact you to provide an adequate solution for both parties.
  • The promotions will be applied according to their validity and published price.
  • The product of the order will be separated from the inventory of the virtual store until the payment has been credited, as long as that does not happen, the product can be sold without responsibility for Adventech Logística SA de CV

Photographs and descriptions

  • The technical sheets of the products as well as their photographs may change from one moment to another due to updates or improvements of the product, in this case the most recent model of the same brand that the manufacturer is handling will be sent to you.
  • The images of the products may not correspond in characteristics, designs and colors; being merely illustrative. We will make sure that the published images are the most similar to the real product for a better appreciation by the customer.

Coverage of our services

  • At the moment, only orders made through our online store can be attended to anywhere within the Mexican Republic, if you are outside of Mexico you must make your purchase by contacting one of our executives.

Data verification

  • For customer service purposes, you may receive a phone call moments after placing your order and if the phone number is incorrect, the order will be canceled immediately.


Warranty validity

The merchandise warranty is limited to that specified by the manufacturer, if not specified it is limited to one year from the date of delivery and is exclusively against manufacturing defects.

The products accepted for review do not in any way imply the acceptance of them as a return or as a commitment to accept any guarantee. We suggest you carefully read all the instructions, operation and operation manual.

Procedure for making a guarantee
If your product presents any damage that warrants the use of your warranty, you should contact us where we will validate the type of failure and we will provide technical advice if necessary. If the guarantee proceeds, we will give you contact alternatives or we will channel you with the corresponding manufacturer trying to give you the best possible solution.

  • You must send the product to the previously agreed branch by courier Estafeta or its equivalent.
  • Once you have made the shipment, you must contact our customer service center again to provide us with the tracking number of your shipment and thus be waiting for your package.
  • The entire guarantee process including the return of the same will be carried out at the branch to which the shipment has been made, you can check the status of your guarantee at any time by contacting us by phone or Email.
  • You must attach the copy or original of your purchase invoice, series annex, or official document issued by the company and a letter clearly describing the problem, no review will be carried out if said documents are not included. All products presented for warranty processing must be accompanied by their packaging, manuals, controllers and accessories that were originally included at the time of purchase. In case of not including complete accessories, a 15% charge will be applied for each missing piece.

Shipping costs

The shipping costs to our facilities will be borne by the customer and the return costs will be covered 50% by Adventech Logística SA de CV as long as any guarantee or service is applied, if the guarantee does not proceed, the shipping costs must be covered by the client.

Only manufacturer's default guarantees will be valid, they will not be valid in the following cases:

  • If the product has been altered or repaired by unauthorized persons, it presents physical damage, product burned, broken, beaten, intervened, with violated warranty seals, scratched circuits or chips.
  • If the product had been used in conditions other than those specified by the manufacturer.
  • If the product had not been operated in accordance with the accompanying instructions for use.
  • Due to incompatibilities and / or bad configuration of the operating system or problems with the software.
  • Due to incompatibilities and / or poor selection of products by the customer.
  • No warranty applies to consumables and software.
  • We are not responsible for the information and software loaded in the storage units of the computer equipment.
  • Products in good condition

In the event that the product under warranty shows good operation or the warranty does not apply, a charge of $ 300.00 plus VAT will be charged for the diagnosis of the equipment and the cost of shipping to your home will be at your expense.

Response times
The warranty replacement time will vary according to the availability of the manufacturer for the replacement of the product, which can be from 1 to 60 business days (depends on the manufacturer and model).


The customer can return one or more products according to the following conditions:

1.- That the product received by the customer does not match the order generated due to errors in the Online Store. In this case, the customer must contact us at 01 55 52438083 and 01 55 52438084 or notify the email store # adventech-logistica.com

2.- That the product has been delivered outside the established period without notifying the client in a timely manner and without the express consent of the client to be delivered outside the established deadlines.

3.- That the client has filled out our return request form and, in turn, Adventech Logística has positively valued said request.

4.- CASH REFUNDS WILL ONLY BE MADE when the product specifications are INCORRECTLY published on our page and this error is reported by our CUSTOMER within a maximum period of 1 BUSINESS DAY after receiving your order.

5.- In a RETURN for any reason other than the one mentioned in the previous point, the part will be exchanged for one of EQUAL or GREATER value (difference that our CUSTOMER must cover) and never one of LOWER value. If so, they must be two or more pieces, covering the amount paid for the piece that has been returned. In no case can a surplus remain in favor of the CLIENT.

6.- A RETURN will NOT be possible when:

  •  WARRANTY STAMPS have been removed.
  •  The packaging or boxes have non-original labels, it is scratched, beaten, dirty, or otherwise abused.
  •  In case the part is not in NEW PRODUCT status or if the TIME LIMIT (3 BUSINESS DAYS) to report the disagreement has been exceeded, the RETURN will NOT proceed.
  •  If the product was purchased in the auction / sale area.
  •  If the product EXPRESSLY had the legend NO WARRANTY or NO RETURN.

7.- A refund of 30% of the value of the product will be possible when there is no responsibility of Adventech Logística SA de CV in the selection of products as long as said products have not been purchased as auctions or offers. The remaining amount of the product will be returned in a Credit Note for the customer to purchase any other product from the Online Store.


Payment methods - Credit / debit card

  • We accept all Visa, MasterCard cards through Paypal.
  • The use of the cards may generate additional charges that will be calculated based on the contract entered into with your bank. Adventech Logística SA de CV will not be responsible for such charges.
  • The client will be able to select the method of payment by card at the time of placing his order, later he will be redirected to a secure page of Paypal or equivalent mechanism where the entire transaction will be carried out and finally it will be sent back to our virtual store, once the payment has been approved, a confirmation will be sent to your email, it is necessary for the client to report their payment later to register it in our system.
  • In case of making the payment by credit card and requiring an invoice, it will be issued in the same name as the credit card holder.
  • Monthly payments may be made with the credit cards determined by the website Paypal.com and they will only be available in some of the products contained in the online store.


Bank Deposit / Online Transfer

  • Payments with bank deposit / online transfer must be made to our Banamex accounts, the account numbers will be indicated once you place your order, then you must report your payment by email.
  • After placing the order, the client has 24 hours to make and report their payment, after this time the order will be canceled and the merchandise will no longer be separated, in the event that the client has made and / or confirmed its payment after this period and any product has been exhausted, the customer may be entitled to a credit note for future purchases.
  • Deposits will be received for the exact amount of the order, there may be variations only in decimals.
  • We remind you that the product will be shipped until the payment is credited.


Check Payments

  • For a fast and efficient operation of the Website, payments by checks are not accepted at the moment.


  • By tax provision, the invoice will be issued in accordance with the data provided at the time of registration. The billing month must coincide with the month in which our bank has validated the payment. If the RFC (Federal Taxpayers Registry) is not provided in the billing data, the amount of VAT (Value Added Tax) cannot be separated, that is, it will be included in the total price of the products.
  • Once the invoice has been made with the data provided, no changes or cancellations can be made. By virtue of the above, we ask you to carefully verify the data to be invoiced before proceeding to place your order.

Release of merchandise

  • The ordered merchandise continues to belong to Adventech Logística SA de CV until the customer's payments have been confirmed by our bank. The merchandise will not be shipped or delivered until then.

Information Accuracy

Adventech Logística SA de CV has made every effort to display the content of the online store accurately, but additions, deletions, and changes may occur without prior notice. The content of the online store is provided “as is”, neither Adventech Logística SA de CV nor its representatives or subsidiaries make any representation or warranty with respect to the contents.
Adventech Logística SA de CV, its affiliates and representatives specifically disclaim, to the fullest extent permitted by law, any and all warranties, express or implied, relating to the online store or its content, including but not limited to: implied warranties, merchantability, completeness , timeliness, accuracy, non-infringement or appropriateness.


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