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Zebra Colombia Portable Readers and Terminals

Zebra Portable Readers and Terminals

As one of our main products, we offer all lines of barcode readers and handheld terminals Zebra for the Colombian and Latin American market.

We are recognized as Premier Solution Partner and we offer all the brand's support for your technological project.

We carry out hardware and software integrations to already installed systems such as ERP software or administrative systems.

In all projects, we take advantage of the full potential of the barcode or RFID tag as a reliable source of information, avoiding information capture errors.


Zebra barcode readersApplication-specific barcode readers

We perfectly identify your business needs to offer you the best barcode reading equipment, selecting equipment that meets your present and future expectations, going hand in hand with the growth of your company.

We handle all types of readers such as Micro Kiosks, scale readers, industrial use readers with sealing against dust and / or water, fixed or manual readers, readers with cable connection, Bluetooth, RF, etc.

If you wish, you can consult some of our products in our catalog by giving Click here or by calling our office phone. There are constant changes and technological updates and you can be sure that we will have the most recent models available to you.

Zebra Colombia Portable TerminalsLatest generation Portable Terminals

Whether your application needs equipment with Android or Windows Operating System, we can also offer you different options according to the performance and specific characteristics of the equipment. For this we advise you from the first contact in order to guide you and provide the most appropriate models.

We offer Zebra mobile terminals with a QWERTY or numeric keyboard, with a 1D or 2D barcode reader, with or without a photographic camera and with all the communication options necessary for optimal operation of your applications.




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