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Unitech EA600 Terminal - Specifications

Unitech EA600 Terminal

The terminal Unitech EA600 It is a team ready for data capture and business productivity mobile applications. Its screen is 5 inches, which allows you to efficiently display a virtual keyboard as well as view important data without problem.

Supported Applications

Among the applications that this device can host are:

  • Inventory systems
  • Fixed Assets Control Systems
  • Route Sales Control
  • Retail or retail
  • Systems break ranks

Unitech EA600 PDAOperating System and Connectivity

The Unitech EA600 features an Android 5.1 operating system and has Bluetooth, WiFi and 3G wireless connectivity.


It has a robust construction capable of withstanding drops to concrete from 1.5 meters and IP65 sealed against water and dust.


The processor that has the Unitech EA600 It has 4 cores 1.2Ghz and 2GB / 8GB RAM, a barcode reader that supports 1D and 2D codes

This team represents the Unitech brand, a manufacturer with almost 50 years of experience in creating automatic data collection devices (AIDC).

The EA600 terminal is available with Adventech Logistics and with Adventech SuppliesOur business advisors can assist you with equipment selection as well as technical support and performance testing.

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