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Targit MexicoTargit Decision Suite

Targit Decision Suite facilitates data unification.

One of the most critical processes in the implementation of software solutions is the standardization of data, which facilitates rapid interpretation and decision-making for users.

It is very common to implement business systems with functions limited to the needs of each client without thinking about their long-term growth.

As new needs arise in a business, new systems and solutions are adopted that are not necessarily "compatible" with the previous ones, which generates communication problems or duplicate data.

Targit Decision Suite

Adventech Logistics and Targit Decision Suite

It is because of that Adventech Logistics, in constant search for new solutions to the challenges that arise, has been associated with Targit to include BI (Business Intelligence) services in our catalog.

With this, we provide our clients with a clear visualization of data without the need to invest large amounts of time in connectivity and interfaces.


Connect multiple data sources in a single report and ensure the productivity of your business immediately

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About Targit

TARGIT is a data unification suite based on Business Intelligence (BI) and analysis tools.

It allows companies to unify their business data, making it easier for them to make decisions. With this tool, your business will be able to overcome the barrier of compatibility on different devices and communication between different isolated programs.

Targit Decision Suite is adapted to the needs of any decision maker as it provides them with great data interpretation tools through intuitive interfaces without the need for great IT knowledge.

Targit connects with any internal or external data source and enriches it with new generated data. With this suite your company will have: Analysis, Data Discovery, Interpretation, Reports and Visualization within reach.