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Business Tablets and Price Checkers

Business tablets and price checkers together are an excellent complement to Point of Sale solutions. A growing business often requires micro-kiosk support for its customers, where they can independently verify the prices, characteristics and availability of a product.

Business tablets, on the other hand, are a valuable tool for sellers who need to check stocks or additional data without losing mobility and offer a high-level experience to end users/customers.

Our price checker and tablet solutions include accessories, wireless readers, cases and certified technical support for quick and easy technology adoption.

Quality Tip

The selection of products you make at a Point of Sale will be directly reflected in the duration of your solution. Products from well-known brands such as Zebra, Unitech and Honeywall ensure low maintenance and near-instant setup, avoiding lock-in on your technology provider.

 We distribute among other devices:


  • Enterprise Tablets for Fixed Assets
  • Tablets for warehouse control and WMS systems
  • High Performance Rugged Tablets
  • Micro Kiosk Verifiers
  • Wireless checkers for supermarkets
  • Tablets and Verifiers with receipt printer
Zebra Business Tablets

Tablet Reader for Point of Sale CC600 and CC6000

This tablet-type reader offers users a unique and simple experience for quick purchases in stores, mini-supermarkets and more. They meet the highest demands and are highly configurable in your business.

Wired and wireless versions

According to your needs we have micro kiosk versions for wired or wireless WiFi connection

1D, 2D scanning

If required, the reading engine of these devices can include 2D code reading

Operating System Android

The CC600 and CC6000 reader feature Android for easy setup and more efficient application development.