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Speakeasy Voice for WMS | AssistPro ADL

Speakeasy Voice for WMS AssistPro ADLSpeakeasy Voice for WMS is a solution created by Wavelink that provides additional potential to existing Picking systems.

It adds the possibility of generating instructions through voice to warehouse operators, increasing clarity in instructions and reducing margins of error in interpretation.

Speakeasy Voice and AssistPro ADL

Speakeasy Voice translates each command generated by AssistPro ADL into precise instructions, in addition to interpreting the voice commands of each operator generated in response.

AssistPro ADL Voice Picking

This combination of systems offers wide possibilities to companies expanding their work potential without much effort. AssistPro ADL WMS It offers an adequate control of its warehouses and its Picking processes while Speakeasy converts instructions to voice or vice versa, providing transparent communication between the system and the operator.

AssistPro ADL WMS + Speakeasy

Advantages of Voice Picking

The voice pickinkg solution is also used in large freight operations, as large portable terminals are replaced by headsets that allow operators to work hands-free. This facilitates the operation of forklifts or transport vehicles within the warehouse.

Download AssistPro ADL WMS Infographic

Download Voice Picking Flyer for AssistPro ADL WMS

In what type of companies can I use Voice Picking?

Order fulfillment solutions can be used in any warehouse that distributes or manufactures products and groups them together to give them a fixed destination, be it a materials assembly area or distribution to branches and end customers.

One of the most common examples are companies whose main activity is catalog sales, generating "packages" or kits ready for distribution.

Another example may be the automotive industry, which replenishes its production lines with previously generated product kits and adds them to a finished product.


Added value in the supply chain

This is how additional value is generated to a product along the supply chain, providing companies with security in all the steps involved in the preparation and distribution of an item for sale, improving the planning or coordination of the tasks to be carried out. comply, to be able to search, obtain and transform different elements.