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Technical support for printers and mobile terminals.

Tech Support for Zebra, Honeywell, Unitech and more devices


The Technical Support staff of Adventech Logistics is in constant training. For this, they have adequate facilities and tools to diagnose and repair your equipment.

We have spare parts to keep your equipment running at full capacity so that you can only focus on developing your business. We also offer several modalities of maintenance contracts, both preventive and corrective, with different characteristics according to your needs.

We review and repair equipment from major brands such as Zebra, Unitech, Honeywell. Once diagnosed, if it has any major failure that deserves to be sent to a service center, we carry out the process so that you are always protected and the response time is as short as possible.

Zebra Technical Support

Review and diagnosis of thermal printers

This service is available for desktop label printers as well as medium and high performance devices.

Review and diagnosis

Review of general parameters and installation of consumables

Physical state of the components

Cleaning, lubrication, adjustment and performance tests

Identification of the fault or update

Generation of operation report and service quote

Certified repair and services

Repair of printers and laptops

One of the main technical support activities is the review of thermal printers and portable terminals (handheld) for proper diagnosis and repair. This review is key to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment Zebra, Honeywell, 3nStar, Sewoo and other brands on the market.

Our support and review services can be carried out at the customer's premises or at the customer service center. Adventech Logistics and they are carried out under quality standards that allow you to work with the least amount of interruptions.

Telephone support

If you require a first diagnosis to guide you on the most common failures and decide whether to transfer your equipment (s) to our service center, you can contact us by phone where we will provide free guidance on the matter.


We will ask you to have on hand:

  • Model and brand of your printer
  • Part number
  • Type of fault presented

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