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Logo AssistPro ADL Sale en RouteSoftware for Sale in Route AssistPro ADL

With our system for Control of Sale in Route AssistPro ADL, your company will obtain the best benefits with excellent quality, since we have strategic alliances that allow us to implement portable terminals and printers of the best brands without sacrificing your pocket.

Software for Sale in Route AssistPro ADLWeb system, based on the cloud and with excellent compatibility

The latest version of AssistPro ADL Sale en Route In its administrator version it is based on web servers, which gives it availability above 99% and makes it compatible with any browser. The mobile application for its part works on mobile devices with Android Operating System 4.4 or higher.

Functionality and Monitoring of your business growth

It is a modern road sales software that takes advantage of the advantages provided by the use of mobile computing technology with “on-line” communications via GPRS / EDGE / 4G. It has been designed and developed as a simple and effective tool for users to automate the sales force for businesses that wish to have greater visibility of their business by optimizing the transfer of their products to the end customer.
  • Control and evaluate the seller's activities
  • Generate productivity and maximize profits
  • Optimize Sales Routes
  • Reduce wrong shipment of merchandise
  • Provides reports that allow identifying business opportunities and improving the journey
  • Real-time work capability via GPRS
  • Get a global view of customers with geolocation tools (GPS)
  • Maintains the product inventory appropriate to the needs of each client
  • Provides information for better decision making for Management and Directors


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