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Event Services

Service to which an economic charge is applied for the repair of the type of service when it is requested by the client, applies to equipment that no longer has a natural guarantee or there is no service contract, the service covers the reported failure and this has a guarantee on the same fault.


Contract Services

It is the one that is defined and is tailored for the client based on their needs and their budget, oriented for critical mission teams where the perfect functioning of the equipment is ensured during the term of the contract, in which superior advantages are had to those of a Natural Guarantee, since in repairs times are shortened and it also covers failures due to use or wear, when a client has a contract, the equipment manufacturer guarantees the supply of parts and spare parts to reduce repair times.


Warranty Services

Equipment repair is provided when one or more of its components fail due to poor quality materials or manufacturing and is covered within a specified period after acquisition


 Comparison of Warranty VS Service Contract


Warranty and contract services

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