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Rolls of thermal paper and bond paper

Rolls of thermal and bond paper for point of sale

We commercialize rolls of paper for point of sale of the highest quality and adjusting to your budget. We have the most common measures and we can quote special measures.

The most common measures are:

  • 80X80 bond paper rolls
  • Thermal rolls 80X70
  • Thermal rolls 57X45
  • Thermal rolls 57X55
  • Bond rolls with 1 copy
  • Bond rolls with 2 cups
  • Thermal rolls preprinted on the reverse


Presentations of the rolls

We offer rolls in boxes of 50 pieces, although if you need less quantity you can consult us to provide you with purchase options. In the same way, if you require a special wholesale price or special characteristics, we can support you.

Thermal and bond paper rolls