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RFID technology and products

RFID Products

RFID technology is one of the most complete, developed to transmit information by Radio Frequency, giving the possibility of recording or reading information without contact.

RFID devices include:

  • Fixed RFID Readers
  • Mobile terminals (handhelds) with RFID module for reading/writing
  • Tag printers (tags with RFID antenna) with RFID modules
  • Consumables.- Tags with different characteristics and materials for placement on products or assets


We are a RFID certified company

En Adventech Logistics We have the necessary technical and commercial certifications to provide you with quality advice and help you integrate RFID products safely and reliably. We offer certified devices that comply with the quality standards and regulations for each country.


  • Certified technicians and field test kits
  • Trained account executives to help you select the best product
  • Support of the main brands to select the appropriate tags for your company. 
RFID technology and products

ZD621R Premium Label Printer with RFID

The Zebra ZD621R printer is together with the ZD611R, an excellent option to keep your business moving forward. It offers the advantage of RFID encoding in a simple and professional way. It has a 4.3-inch touch screen and an intuitive menu based on the Link OS Operating System, which allows you to professionally manage your Zebra printers.

wireless versions

Factory standard Bluetooth version or 802.11ac wireless with optional factory or field installed Bluetooth 4.1.

Resolution and speed

8 inches per second with 203dpi
6 inches per second with 300dpi 

print width available

4″ wide for the ZD612R model
2″ wide for the ZD611R model