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NFC / RFID Electronic Tags


Electronic Shelf Labels

Quick and efficient price update

Make the job easier by updating the prices of your products without contact, with NFC or RFID wireless technology, working in the 2.4Ghz band.

Streamline information changes and keep your customers up to date on your latest promotions.


Battery life up to 5 years

Wireless tags contain a battery that can last up to 5 years, allowing you to focus your business on higher sales and better profits.

These devices offer excellent performance and return on investment for your business.


Aesthetic designs and 5 different sizes

You can present images, text, 1D or QR barcodes, prices, and featured graphics. Black or color print versions.

Plastic frame and sealed against humidity and dust for placement in food or refrigerators.


Electronic Label Design Software

Using label design software, the distribution of data on electronic labels can be modified and if the label model supports it, areas highlighted in red can be used. 

In this way, the new design for the labels on which the information is to be recorded can be quickly made using portable terminals.

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    Sumpaitag electronic tags
    Sumpaitag electronic tags
    Sumpaitag electronic tags
    Sumpaitag electronic tags
    Sumpaitag electronic tags
    Sumpaitag electronic tags
    Electronic Labels for Shelves
    Sumpaitag electronic tags

    ZD621R Premium Label Printer with RFID

    The Zebra ZD621R printer is together with the ZD611R, an excellent option to keep your business moving forward. It offers the advantage of RFID encoding in a simple and professional way. It has a 4.3-inch touch screen and an intuitive menu based on the Link OS Operating System, which allows you to professionally manage your Zebra printers.

    wireless versions

    Factory standard Bluetooth version or 802.11ac wireless with optional factory or field installed Bluetooth 4.1.

    Resolution and speed

    8 inches per second with 203dpi
    6 inches per second with 300dpi 

    print width available

    4″ wide for the ZD612R model
    2″ wide for the ZD611R model