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Spare parts and rental of mobile terminals

Spare parts for portable terminals and printers of the main brands

We offer repair services and spare parts for the main equipment of portable terminals, ticket printers, label printers, among other devices. We have a laboratory and qualified personnel to perform corrective maintenance on your equipment.

On the other hand, we offer rental equipment for taking inventories or holding events, so when you contact us we can provide you with more information in this regard, as well as the models of portable terminals, receipt printers or access points available.

  • Leasing of portable equipment with on-site delivery
  • Constant maintenance to all our products
  • Availability of devices with Android, Windows Mobile or Windows CE systems
  • Training in the use of mobile equipment -handheld-
  • Pre-installation of software if necessary

Original spare parts

As for spare parts, some of the most common are:


  • Label printer heads
  • Bands and mechanisms for card or credential printer
  • Adventech Field or Office Installable Label Printer Rollers
  • Sensors, peel off mechanisms, rewinders, etc.
datamax spare parts

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