Zebra Z-Band Fun Armbands

Zebra Z-Band direct wristbands will allow you to print information and barcode directly, no matter what application you need it for

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Zebra Z-Band Fun armbands for access control and consumption

Zebra Z-Band Fun Armbands

Zebra Z-Band Fun wristbands are non-transferable, tamper-proof, direct thermal Polypropylene wristbands. They have a permanent adhesive closing tab and anti-tamper security slots.

They are specially designed for use in hospitality and entertainment, have a life of 1 day with minimal exposure to water and offer the possibility of personalization using a thermal printer Zebra HC100, GC420, ZD420, etc.

The Bracelets are available in different colors, sizes, and type of use.


  • Color: 7 colors
  • Available for: GC420, TLP2844, HC100
  • Box with: 6 rolls with 350 bracelets each

Advantages of Zebra Z-Band Fun Armbands

Using a Zebra barcode printer and Z-Band or Z-Band Splash direct thermal wristbands you can:

  • Reduce fraud and lost revenue associated with counterfeiting and theft.
  • Z-Band bracelets are blank and have no value until printed
  • Can be customized printing them with the customer's name and barcodes for access verification.
  • Present evidence of tampering and they are not transferable, and include everything paid for a bracelet.
  • Improve transaction speeds. Employees only scan a barcode, rather than using cash and working with cash registers.


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Other Information

Weight 1 kg
Sizes 10x15x5 cm