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Picking: Preparation of orders in Warehouse

AssistPro WMS

Multiple order picking in warehouse

An efficient order preparation contemplates the automatic or semi-automatic creation of assortment routines. The warehouse operators receive these routines in a mobile device and, according to the system parameters, are in charge of carrying out the dispatch one by one.

Various Technological Options
AssistPro WMS
It allows the implementation of different technologies to the assortment of orders, including picking with mobile terminals, picking with voice support (voice picking), picking by means of light boards (Pick to light), etc. According to the needs of each client, the best technology to use is determined.


Orders - Warehouse Control
Picking assortment route

Mobile Terminals

The operator moves through the warehouse supplying one or more orders in a single step through the aisles and locations.

Pick to Light | indicator lights

Dispensers take products from shelves marked with lights, which light up to notify the user of the number of items to be dispensed.


With audio support, the dispenser receives instructions through a headset to carry out specific fills.

AssistPro WMS for Warehouse Picking

The system adapts to warehouses of any size and you can adopt it in your business from the moment it begins to organize. AssistPro WMS is completely modular and does not require large administrative processes to add new features as your operation needs it. Start from a user and see how it grows with your company.

Reduce errors

It significantly reduces the number of errors during the fulfillment of orders supported by the appropriate technology, up to 99%.


Increase assorted orders

Reducing the number of errors produces increases in efficiency and speed, which translates into more orders fulfilled at each moment.


Send more orders to route

Place a greater number of orders in review areas or dispatch curtains, increasing your company's profits. 

work without paper

A WMS system allows you to 100% digitize your business operations. Generate detailed documents and reports or export to PDF, Excel and more.