Newcastle Systems

Newcastle Systems is an innovator in workplace mobility solutions for many of the world's leading retail and operations companies.

Converting a fixed workplace to a mobile one is the easiest and cheapest way to increase the productivity of your existing workers and infrastructure. Our selection of mobile workstation carts and power systems allow you to take your workstations wherever they are needed. Transport and power your barcode printers, laptops, PCs, scales, and other electronic equipment for up to 8-12 hours at a time

LT Series Industrial Powered Laptop Carts

LT Series is the most economical carriage system designed for mobile computing and lightweight printing applications in industrial environments.

Worker productivity increases by more than 50% by eliminating costly steps to and from static hardware. This rugged yet lightweight cart provides mobile power to your laptop and / or small thermal printer and scanner for over 8 hours.

EcoCart Series Mobile Powered Workstations

The EcoCart Mobile Workstation is our entry-level choice for basic tasks and smaller equipment profiles. Lightweight and compact, this unit is ideal for powering a laptop, barcode printer, and scanner for more than 8 hours straight.

Mid-Range NB Series Powered Workstations

The NB series trolleys are the cargo trolleys in our product line. Available in two widths (24 "and 18"), they combine the rugged design that keeps our carts operating on the ground for years with the mobility and flexible configurations that allow you to transform any legacy process and create measurable efficiencies. With the widest range of accessories, the NB Series can fit almost any workstation profile, including those with scales, test equipment, large monitors, printers, and more.

Heavy Duty PC Series Mobile Powered Workstations

The PC Series Cart is a mobile platform that not only provides the same flexible mobility as our lightest carts, but allows you to expand the possibilities with space for a laser printer, supplies, inventory and more. With a 30 "or 48" table, it can actually serve as a mobile workspace that has room for your laptop and your paperwork as well.

Apex Series Ergonomic Mobile Powered Workstations

 The Apex Series Cart increases productivity by providing mobile power to your devices, including laptops, tablets, 1-2 LCDs or touchscreens, barcode printers, scanners and more for more than 8 hours at a time.

This flexible station serves a wide range of industries on the shop floor and anywhere worker comfort is just as important as improved efficiency.