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Prepaid maintenance

A prepaid maintenance policy protects your investment by keeping label printers, card printers, handheld terminals, point of sale terminals and more in a fully functional state.

Among the advantages of a maintenance service in prepaid mode are:

  • Price lower than the sum of maintenance per event
  • Availability of tools and specialized personnel
  • Telephone advice for diagnosis for 1 year
  • Maintenance scheduling from the start of the policy
  • Priority in diagnosis and repair quotation if necessary

What is preventive maintenance?

Prepaid maintenanceCommon Mistakes

Common computer errors that can be resolved (most cases) over the phone:


  • Very faint card or label printing
  • The ribbon breaks when printing
  • The machine prints 2 or 3 labels and then goes out of alignment (calibration)
  • The printer turns on some code of lights (slow or fast flashing, green or red color)

Portable Terminals

  • Computer hangs or restarts
  • It does not connect to a wireless network
  • Terminal disconnects or does not connect to a Bluetooth device

Point of sale equipment

  • Operating system does not start
  • Computer hangs

Services not included in prepaid maintenance

  • Application support (software)
  • Spare parts (if required, they are priced separately)
  • On-site service services will be carried out in a laboratory Adventech Logistics

Pre-paid preventive maintenance (service) prices

Maintenance per event - $ 65-80 USD (according to model and brand)

Prepaid policy 3 events - $ 180 USD (Independent of the model and brand)

Prepaid policy 5 events - $ 260 USD (Independent of the model and brand)


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Obtain through this type of contract, the peace of mind that your investment will be safe. Get the highest availability and performance from your equipment while your business grows and your information flow is shielded.