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Barcode readers of the main brands in one place.

There is a wide variety of barcode readersAccording to the specific needs of each user, it is necessary to carefully select the reader to use or acquire.

At Adventech Logistics we are experts and we represent the best brands in the market, so we can recommend a suitable barcode reader for any of the following situations:

  • Commercial or general purpose scanners, 1D or 2D capability
  • Wireless readers for inventories or warehouse control.
  • Fixed or supermarket type counter readers, omnidirectional or bidirectional.
  • Barcode readers for cell phones or tablets with bluetooth connection
  • industrial code readers

Among many other options and utilities. The main brands we handle are among others: Zebra, Unitech, Honeywell, 3nStar, although we can handle additional brands in the market.

We have certified technicians to repair your devices and we serve all of Mexico offering Technical support and extended warranty plans on each piece of equipment.


Barcode Readers Catalog

Wireless barcode readers

A growing need in code readers is mobility, since the applications that are associated with them are increasingly dynamic. A point of sale could use a wireless reader to check prices on a tablet or perform a quick inventory check in real time without having to move merchandise from its assigned place.

DS2200 / DS2278 Reader

The DS2208 serial reader is a dynamic device compatible with its predecessor LS2208, it is sold in a wired version and a wireless version (DS2278) with a communication base.

The DS2278 wireless reader provides up to 14 hours of uninterrupted power and is compatible with tablets, computers, and Bluetooth-enabled devices.


Compatible with any computer, tablet or phone

Very quickly the DS2278 reader can connect to any compatible device and guarantee simple and efficient scanning.

Support for 1D/2D codes

Everyday tasks frequently include 2D barcodes such as QR codes. Efficiently scan the data you need without restriction.

DS2278 wireless reader

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