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card printing

Card Printing Solutions

We have a wide range of options for PVC card printing, whether identification or loyalty cards. We offer state-of-the-art software and the most up-to-date devices.

Zebra Card Studio

Simple and efficient design for card printing.

Zebra Printers

Card printers for every need and configuration.

Simplified card editing for easy implementation.



Zebra ZC10L Card Printer
Zebra Card Printers

Print modern designs and produce IDs or cards in general with the features your business needs. With Card Studio you can quickly produce quality IDs.


  • Express version included with Zebra printers
  • Version 2.0 Professional for data connection and advanced features
  • Ideal for IDs
  • Excellent for loyalty cards
  • Compatible with *RFID, barcode printing, etc.
Card Studio Card Printing Software

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Quality prints with quality devices

Adventech Logistics is a certified Zebra Partner and offers a minimum manufacturer's warranty of 2 years, in addition to offering extended warranty policies and repair and diagnostic services. All the products we offer are a guarantee of quality.