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Label Printing Software

Labeling solutions

We offer the best solutions for label printing, from systems by printer manufacturer to professional label management software.

Nicelabel Cloud

Great printing power from the Web platform.

Loftware Nicelabel LMS

Advanced management of labels and designs on a desktop computer, with Web readiness.

Greater visibility and control in labeling administration.



Loftware Nicelabel is a world leading label design and management system. It offers quick and easy solutions for desktop printing that require no training. Your Desktop system is ready to migrate to a cloud solution (Loftware Nicelabel Cloud Business and Loftware Nicelabel Cloud Compliance)

Nicelabel loftware for label printing

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Designer Express

Software Designer Express is card printing software with basic printing features. It is ideal for small businesses and for printing that requires connection to Excel databases or text files (Notepad).

Designer Pro

Loftware Designer Pro It will allow you to print cards at low or medium volumes and offers you the full capacity of connection to databases, including SQL, MySQL, Microsoft Access, etc. Choose this edition if you require more advanced printing.

Power Forms

Loftware Power Forms It is recommended for companies where users or operators perform label printing. Manage print layouts and allow them to be used on demand across multiple locations or connected printers.

Try Designer & Desktop

Easy design and printing with easy-to-use formats and a look and feel similar to applications like Word. Database connection available and compatible with all makes and models of printers.

Loftware Nicelabel Cloud

Designed among other things for printing labels in multiple places at the same time with remote administration in addition to a single system and automatically updated for optimal operation.

Nicelabel LMS

If you're not ready to put labeling in the cloud yet, you can get access to the same powerful labeling platform on-premises with Loftware NiceLabel's Label Management System (LMS). With an on-premises installation, you can customize the LMS to the specific needs of your business and IT environment, and you have a clear path to the cloud when you're ready to make the switch.