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Logistics Solutions for Hospitality and Tourism

AssistPro WMS

La hospitality and tourism as a quality service

The hotel industry, tourism and hospitality services in general are not exempt from requiring successful warehouse control, this includes processes for receiving, using and issuing merchandise. Services as such use resources that must be controlled, while the supply chain around them requires an entire infrastructure to support it.

Our system AssistPro WMS helps hospitality companies and all those that work in their support such as logistics and messaging, food and beverages, fixed assets, technology, supply of materials and equipment for entertainment, etc.


Softare Warehouse Control AssistPro WMS
Orders - Warehouse Control

Automated Warehouse Control

Make inquiries about the status of your inventories and processes at any time and from anywhere.

Tickets | Departures | Settings | Audits

Streamline the control of your warehouses, adjustments, revisions, sales orders, purchase orders, picking, etc.

Reverse Logistics

It manages in advance returns, recovery of packages and containers, excess inventory processes, among others.

Control shipping processes

Verify your shipments through "blind" validation processes VS the corresponding invoice.

AssistPro WMS for Warehouse Control

The system adapts to warehouses of any size and you can adopt it in your business from the moment it begins to organize. AssistPro WMS is completely modular and does not require large administrative processes to add new features as your operation needs it. Start from a user and see how it grows with your company.


  • Free reception or with purchase order
  • Reception with automation
  • Inventory turnover
  • Definition of nomenclature
  • Inventory by location
  • free locations
  • Conditional locations


Picking and Assortment

  • Different assortment options
  • Pick Cart
  • Pick to Light
  • voicepicking
  • Picking list VS orders VS assortment
  • Blind review
  • Packing


Returns and accommodation

  • Registration
  • Classification and transfer
  • accommodation by location
  • Chaotic Warehouse - View Blog Post
  • Consolidated accommodation by LP
  • Transfers between warehouses
  • movement log


Orders and Shipments

  • Inventory rotation study
  • Import of orders
  • Suborders and Purchase Orders
  • Registration of load units
  • Shipment record per unit