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Fixed Asset Management AssistPro ADLFixed Asset Management -AssistPro ADL

With AssistPro ADL Fixed Asset Management As your asset management solution, you will have access to your asset information quickly and efficiently (responsible, status, location, etc.).

Productivity for your business

The next time you purchase an asset for your business, you only have to add its data to the system and you can automatically tag it and assign it to a person in charge.

Your information instantly

Your information will be protected and safeguarded by a robust and large-capacity database available for your inquiries. If you require one of our representatives to visit you at your company, we will gladly be there to support you in your project.

Safeguard of Fixed Assets ColombiaResponsive Generation and Responsible Change

AssistPro ADL Fixed Asset Management generates responsive documents every time an asset is assigned or changes the person in charge, in order to be able to archive in documents the history of said asset as well as the incidents that it registers throughout its useful life.

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For more technical information on the Fixed Assets Control System you can visit the official website by giving Click here, filling our Contact Form or requesting help through our online chat.
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