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Volumetric control for parcels and storage

Volumetric control for parcelsEl volumetric control it is a basic need for messaging and product storage applications, since through this control they accurately calculate the storage and transport capacity necessary for your business.

El automated volumetric control It streamlines the manual capture of measurements for packages in shipping quotes, product collection and merchandise arrangement. It works perfectly as a complement in Road Sales, WMS and Inventory Control applications, either integrated in our AssistPro ADL suite or as a standalone solution.

How do we integrate it?

Our programming team conducts a joint evaluation with each client for the realization of just solutions for each process, avoiding paying expensive systems that end up underused since each company has specific needs that it must cover.


Volumetric control for parcels

Volume Detection with handheld terminals

We offer portable equipment with detection of dimensions perfectly compatible with already installed systems or new systems as well as with ticket or label printers for the delivery or generation of receipts.


Implementation of digital scales

An additional complement to merchandise reception and handling solutions are digital scales that allow data to be entered automatically into a WMS, inventory or route sales system.


Implementation of Bluetooth digital scales for inventories

Wireless connection

These digital scales can be connected by physical cabling to a computer that updates the administrative system and also optionally offer a wireless connection via Bluetooth, which allows the scale to be directly connected to a portable terminal.