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Inventory Control in WarehouseInventory Control and its importance in companies

One of the first steps towards the improvement of companies and businesses is to have an accurate inventory control available at any time, since in this way a healthy rhythm of operations can be maintained.

Adequate stock control not only implies less saturation of a warehouse but also allows adequate planning of merchandise orders in the event of being a warehouse for products for sale.

How to take an effective inventory:

Inventory control

There are several points to take into account, among which stand out

  • Proper identification of products, through labels thermal with barcode or RFID. Which will allow a fast and accurate data capture.
  • Implementation of a software for inventories. There are multiple options for this, either integrated into a point of sale system, as part of an ERP or WMS system, such as control of fixed assets or specifically created for small-scale inventory taking. An example of this is our system AssistPro ADL® Inventory Control or our system AssistPro ADL® WMS, each one designed for a specific inventory control scenario since, while the first of them registers stocks and allows to program verification routines, our WMS allows controlling the entire operation of a warehouse from product receipt to delivery.
  • Adequate selection of Hardware. An adequate selection of data capture devices will directly impact their efficiency. One possible scenario is the need for a simple wired reader connected by USB for businesses, while another similar but not the same is that of a wireless reader for companies, with remote data capture either via Bluetooth or RF. The third scenario is the acquisition of portable terminals that allow data to be collected and verified or interact with them through an Operating System and a mobile program.

Whatever the need of a company, proper planning in the implementation of inventory control systems will result in a better business with results available instantly and error proof.