Portable Terminals

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As its definition says, the main function of portable terminals is to collect the information where it is produced, store it, in some cases process it and then download it to the computer system. Portable terminals are classified according to their design and ergonomics in:

  • Keyboard-based terminals
  • Screen-based terminals
  • Scanner-based or intensive scan terminals
  • Terminals for price verifiers - Micro Kiosk

Keyboard-based terminals

These portable terminals have a special construction focused on data capture through the keyboard, so they are manufactured for intensive use of the keyboard. Ideal for manual data entry.

Screen-based terminals

Designed to provide broad visibility of the data that is presented to the user and based on that data, decisions can be made. They are common in fact checking. In the same way, the data can be written directly on the touch screen and thus interact directly with the application used. Keyboards can be used as auxiliaries within common activities.

Portable terminals for intensive scanning

The fundamental purpose of this type of portable terminal is to capture data in an intensive and efficient way. Some models have the option of having a trigger for faster barcode reading. Some others are not pistol-type but their scan buttons are optimized for heavy use.