Ribbons for labels

Label ribbons are necessary for the printing of transfer labels, since through the print head the ribbon material is transmitted to the label material.

Wax ribbon

Wax ribbons are basically made up of a higher percentage of wax. This wax facilitates a better "melt" of the ribbon, reducing the amount of energy required for printing. For this reason, the wax ribbons use a low temperature in the thermal head, increasing its useful life. As the wax used is generally softer than resin, the image durability of wax ribbons is less than that of mixed or resin ribbons.

Mixed Ribbon (wax / resin)

These ribbons have a higher percentage of resin in their composition. Printing with these ribbons requires more energy than when printing with wax-based ribbons. Since resin is harder than wax, the image durability of mixed ribbons is greater than the durability of wax ribbons.

Resin ribbon

These ribbons are composed of a higher percentage of resin. As resin is harder than wax, the durability of the image is also considerably higher, increasing its resistance even to heat and some chemical products.