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MC2200 / MC2700 Portable Terminal

The MC2200 and MC2700 mobile computers are affordable mobile computers with all the features your business needs. Models with Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Cellular connectivity connect all workers, both inside the facility and in the field.

MC2200 and MC2700 portable terminal, the accessible mobile computers with all the features your business needs. Models with Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi / cellular connectivity connect all workers, both within the facility and in the field. Advanced industrial design provides extreme comfort and ease of use. The integrated touch screen and keyboard are compatible with modern green screen applications and future touch screen applications. Simply add the trigger attachment to create a pistol-style design for more intensive scanning tasks.

Complementary value-added Mobility DNA tools come pre-loaded and make devices more secure and easier to use and manage. And the optional Mobility DNA Enterprise license enables enterprise voice and data tools that boost productivity and device manageability. The MC2200 and MC2700 provide cost-effective, no-compromise mobility for your small to midsize business.

Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity to connect all workers, at all sites

Wi-Fi-only MC2200 models provide on-site workers with the fastest and most reliable Wi-Fi connection in the industry.1 Use the Wi-Fi / cellular models of the MC2700 in large outdoor spaces where there is poor coverage or it is very expensive to implement and maintain a Wi-Fi network, such as in ports, sorting centers, or in the field, so drivers and technicians are connected. And with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and optional NFC technology, you get comprehensive wireless capabilities and a quick and easy connection to headsets, printers, and more.

Full shift battery

The standard battery lasts almost two full shifts in any environment: 16,5 hours at room temperature and 14 hours at -4 ° F / -20 ° C. The long-lasting battery provides power throughout the day: more than 23 hours at room temperature and more than 19 hours at -4 ° F / -20 ° C. And when you need to change batteries, thanks to the hot swap mode, there is no need to turn off the device or close applications.

Two devices in one: block and gun

Transform your MC2200 or MC2700 into a pistol-style device, without sacrificing ergonomics or scanning performance. Just plug in the trigger attachment, no tools are needed. Since the electronics are on the trigger, it doesn't affect the speed of the scan, unlike many other triggers.

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