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Voice Picking AssistPro ADL - Voice Order Assortment

Although the process followed is very similar, picking can be structured in numerous ways depending on the number of references and the warehouse layout: order-to-order picking, batch picking (several orders simultaneously) or aisle picking or workstations, where picking is carried out sequentially.

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Voice Picking AssistPro ADL - Voice Order Picking

The system voice pickingAssistPro ADL adds the advantages of working with equipment that allows a hands-free method.

Voice Picking is the best way to carry out typical logistics operations, reducing errors, optimizing productivity and giving the operator greater safety.

The text fields of an application are translated into speech and sent to speakers or headphones.

The words spoken by the operator are translated into usable text by means of an application.

The interesting thing about this technology is using voice as a means of communication between the application and the operator.
The most important advantages when using Voice Picking are:

  • Error reduction with 99.9% accuracy
  • Higher productivity
  • Increased levels of security throughout
  • Ergonomics and ease of use, with very quick and simple employee learning

How to implement Voice Picking?

You can choose from several products, depending on the technology you need to use (emulation, web, client-server systems). The most important thing will be to select the most suitable for integration with your administrative software, be it WMS, ERP, etc.

Emulator or web browser

With minimal changes to the application screen, you can implement Voice Picking using SofToGo emulators or web browser, generate Voice Picking application easily and quickly.

If it is necessary to create or redo a picking application to convert it to Voice Picking, you can do it using the WireLess Designer application generator, integrate Voice Picking to the software that you develop.

By integrating the WireLess Studio development libraries into your project, you can stop worrying about the difficulties of developing mobile applications and only need to indicate what information will be "read" to the operator and when the operator will enter data using voice, keyboard or scanner. The applications work on the WireLess Studio whose task is the connection with the application server and the control of the components of the mobile device.

What changes do I have to make in the application?

You only need to make minimal changes to the application screen to determine what information will be "read" to the operator and when the operator will enter data using voice, keyboard, or scanner.


  • License: For a PC and portable terminal
  • Connection: You can connect to our WMS Advanceware system
  • Validity: Permanent
  • Technical Support: Telephone and remote

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