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Operational Efficiency for your company

AssistPro ADL
AssistPro ER

Whole warehouse process control in the back of your hand


AssistPro ADL generates more efficient and optimized operating processes to the needs of your company, totally based on the cloud and complemented with a mobile terminal for data capture.

Cyclical and Physical Inventories

Keep your inventories up to date and program your reception, accommodation, dispatch, etc. operations.

Cross docking operations

It receives and assigns the merchandise in a single operation, reducing its storage to the minimum necessary.

Operations with routes - Last Mile

Offer your customers deliveries to the last point of their destination including multiple recipients.

Work and Manufacturing Orders

Connect with your ERP if you need it or carry out conversions of individual products into composite products (Kits).

Catalog of Products and E-commerce operations

Allow your customers to view your catalog of products for sale and check the status of their orders or work orders.

AssistPro ER

AssistPro ER It is a unified platform that combines warehouse control features with sales and distribution route features, allows connections to third-party platforms through webservices and adds B2B and B2C features.

WMS functionality

AssistPro WMS

AssistPro WMS adapts to your company and grows with it. It can be implemented according to a scheduled plan of activities and allows you to add new modules, functions and reports according to the needs of your business.

Connection to ERP systems

If your company has an installed ERP system, AssistPro can connect via webservices to that system to synchronize its catalogs and record the necessary information in real time.


Customers, Items, Routes, Vehicles, Warehouses, Locations, Packaging, Users, Storage Areas, etc.

Inventory Processes

Receipt, Accommodation, Staging, Manufacturing, Picking, Kitting, Dispatch, Cycle Inventory, Inventory Adjustments

Administrative processes

Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Work Orders, Quarantine, Audit

Reports and Reports

Entries, Movements, Picking, PTL, Inventories, Stocks, Manufacturing, Kardex, Shipments

Statistics AssistPro WMS
AssistPro WMS orders
AssistPro WMS Operations

OSS functionality

AssistPro SFA

AssistPro SFA streamlines the sale, pre-sale, distribution or collection of your field staff. Route Sales operations become an agile and simple process that updates route stock, warehouse orders, product refills, promotions and much more in real time.

Compatible with mobile phones and terminals

Synchronize your routes wherever you are and control the processes from your mobile device. Print sales receipts, free loan, next day orders, on-board inventory, returns, etc.


Vendors, Promotions, Recipients, Packages and Containers, Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

Inventory Processes

Sale, Presales, Consolidated Distribution, Inventory On Board, Refills, Returns, Next Day Orders, Lots, Expirations, Bulk Sales

Administrative processes

Credits, Subscriptions, Log of times, Tracking and GPS validation, Assets, Loans. 

Reports and Reports

Log of times, Collection, Settlement, Control of Containers, Visits without Sale, Analysis of Sale, Pre-sale and Deliveries

AssistPro SFA Promotions
AssistPro SFA Log
Collection AssistPro SFA