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AssistPro ADL WMSAssistPro ADL WMS Software

Our system AssistPro ADL WMS It is a modern system that takes advantage of the advantages provided by the use of mobile computing technology with online communication via radio frequency.

It has been designed and developed as a simple tool for users and effective for managers of warehouses and distribution centers.


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AssistPro ADL WMS It is a development of Grupo Adventech thinking about the operative and administrative environment of our country, with screen and manuals in our language, as well as remote or on-site support.

AssistPro ADL WMSAssistPro ADL WMS components

Some of the system modules include:

  • System Security (Access by user profiles)
  • Maintenance
    • System Catalogs
    • Warehouse Lay Out
    • Input and Output Buffers
    • Assortment Containers
    • Tables or Review Points
    • Routes and Transport
  • Processes
    • Order Administration
    • Section Product Management
    • Shipping Administration
    • Order Delivery Confirmation
    • Inventory Management (Initial. Cyclical. Physical)
    • Assortment Review Monitoring
    • Activity Analysis of Mobile Terminals
    • General Monitoring of Warehouse Operation
  • Reports
    • Purchase Orders (ERP interface)
    • Product Entries
    • Inputs and Products Pending Accommodation
    • Kardex
    • Existence by Location
    • Existence by Product
    • Separated Products
    • Orders (ERP interface)
    • Binnacle

WMS System Versions

AssistPro ADL WMS has two versions to choose from, depending on the functionality required by the client as well as the number of users who will access the system.

  • Desktop Express, Annual License
  • Desktop Professional, Permanent license

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