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Chaotic Warehouse and its implementation in a WMS

Chaotic WarehouseThe concept of Chaotic Warehouse applies to inventory systems, specifically to a system WMS (Warehouse Management System). As its name indicates, it has to do with an "apparent" chaos during the arrangement and handling of merchandise.

It is defined apparent because in reality all the locations of the warehouse in question are fully controlled by means of a computer system that records and organizes the activities carried out with all the merchandise.

How to optimize a chaotic warehouse

Establishing a warehouse with rules that allow placing or storing merchandise offers the following advantages:

  • New or temporary staff do not need to memorize fixed locations that are typically associated with a specific product type
  • Storage space is better used because any location can be used for any product while the WMS system records all merchandise movements
  • It offers flexibility in the warehouse, which makes it easier for logistics companies (3PL) to use temporary or platform crossing locations (Cross docking)
  • Less space requirement, since small spaces are better used

Advantages of a WMS system

A WMS system is in charge, under certain rules, of indicating to the operators the free positions and recording the ones used so that when a product is requested, it can be dispatched quickly and efficiently.

The WMS system also controls:

  • Appetizers
  • Departures - Boarding
  • Picking
  • Accommodation in fixed positions

Adventech Logistics has a WMS system capable of performing all these functions satisfactorily and with ample flexibility in its implementation. If you want more information about it, contact us and we will gladly support you.

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